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Parabolic Technologies' most important philosophy is that any new or current information system should be cost-effective. Many enhanced client-server systems, unfortunately, do not always live up to the promise of being less expensive and more open then their preceding legacy systems. Quite often, these new systems fall into a state of being closed-ended and proprietary, leaving the owner dependent on a few or maybe just one vendor for upgrades and expensive maintenance.

In our design and implementation, Parabolic Technologies focuses energy on maximizing the openness of current technology by exploiting the interfaces between the multiple hardware and software components being utilized. The result of this strategy is to create more open systems that can evolve and grow as information technology advances, therefore leaving our clients with the greatest amount of flexibility and minimization of risk in the long-term.

While exploiting the openness of current and emerging technologies, we also believe consulting expertise should be cost-effective. Accomplishing the technological tasks a project demands does not necessarily have to be "big business" with dozens of consultants working at a system in a mode of attrition. Helping our clients gain the greatest flexibility and control in acquiring and properly applying the necessary expertise when it is needed, is often sufficient and most beneficial in terms of an information system's economics. More important, it leaves control of the business and the information system with it's rightful owner -- the client, the customer.

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