Some of the best software applications of the 21st century have already been written! By whom? Mostly by you. Unfortunately, the majority of excellent client/server applications out there are fit to service a only limited number of users and provide as subset of the mission critical features available in the domain of information systems. Often, Chief Information Officers and MIS Directors are faced with the task of scaling-up and combining their many fine client/server applications into an integrated system (better known as the Enterprise), delivering the mission-critical information necessary to amplify the productivity of every employee, as well as the satisfaction of every customer.

Over the past couple years, new tools of information technology have emerged which are providing the basis for upgrading many terrific client/server information systems to meet the demanding, mission-critical needs of business processes, which have traditionally been serviced by transaction-oriented mainframe solutions (legacy systems). Such tools include TUXEDO (Transactions for UNIX with Extended Distributed Option) and Prolifics, which provide the mechanism for traditional client/server applications to be converted and integrated into the Enterprise.

Upon conversion, client/server applications will possess the features commonly found in legacy systems. For example, the ability to support thousands of users, instead of just a couple hundred (or even just a few dozen), comes alive. Application load balancing, asynchronous function support, fail-safe application servers, event-brokering, increased security, more integrity over the Internet/intranet, decreased dependence on your database vendor (i.e. Oracle, Informix, Sybase, etc.) and many more benefits also become available through conversion to the Enterprise. Client/server applications now have the means to be just as powerful and essential as their sister legacy systems.

In essence, client/server is now growing up.

The technological challenge over the next fifteen years is for organizations to first convert, and then to combine, the many independent client/server applications into a multi-Tiered architecture (sometimes referred to as 3-Tier, n-Tier or Enhanced Client/Server), thus creating the Enterprise. To help in this endeavor, Parabolic Technologies offers its consulting expertise in the design and implementation of these major upgrades using the Prolifics and TUXEDO technologies.

TUXEDO, from BEA Systems, is the fundamental component in a 3-Tier architecture, known as the middleware and Transaction Processing (TP) monitor. Originally developed by Bell labs over a decade ago, TUXEDO is today the most widely used middleware product, with approximately a 40% share of the middleware market. TUXEDO allows organizations to centralize all business rules and logic, under one monitor, that can be used and reused by the entire information Enterprise. TUXEDO also allows a higher standard of performance for all those business rules and logic through it's advanced asynchronous function calling, queuing, event-brokering, increased security and multiplexing of database connections (with the ability to sustain high performance communications with Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Ingress and many other relational databases). However, TUXEDO is not limited to just the resource managers of the UNIX and NT database worlds. Real-time access to legacy mainframes also becomes a possibility.

The availability of TUXEDO middleware technology is all fine and dandy. What most Information Technology managers must ask is "At what cost?"

Certainly, the increased complexity of placing an entire organization's applications and logic under one middleware umbrella can result in increased costs -- sometimes costs that seemingly outweigh the potential benefits. However, to compliment such powerful middleware technology, new tools have now emerged, easing the complexity and costs of this intense form of software development.

To date, the most sophisticated and enabling of these tools is Prolifics Technology, from Prolifics, a JYACC Company. Prolifics is the Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool suite, completely integrated with TUXEDO middleware. With Prolifics, a development team can convert, or create from scratch, an entire Enterprise with the breakthrough productivity making such an endeavor worth it's bang for buck. Furthermore, a special version of TUXEDO, named JETNET, is provided with the Prolifics suite, offering a complete integrated package for developing, running and maintaining all the user screens (which can include Internet/intranet clients) and middleware services which make up the Enterprise application logic.

With these new and powerful tools, the sky truly does become the limit for the many fine client/server applications being held back by the problems of scalability, flexibility and performance haunting the current world of conventional client/server.

Parabolic Technologies offers consulting expertise in systems architecture, design and implementation using Prolifics and TUXEDO/JETNET technology. Through these tools and technologies, we help our clients break the scalability, flexibility and performance problems of their information systems and allow the many excellent client/server applications, currently in use, the full breathing room to expand and ultimately become some of the best applications of the 21st century.

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